Multi-asset liquidity

GAIN Capital offers deep liquidity in thousands of OTC and exchange-traded markets, making it easy for you to connect to new markets

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Access over 8,000 CFD, FX & option markets through a single connection

Whether you are looking to broaden your product offering to your customers or improve your own access to liquidity, GAIN Capital provides access to pricing in 12,500+ FX, CFD*, spread bet and options through one trading account or API.

This spares you the difficulty and cost of aggregating multiple liquidity and technology providers to access tight pricing on a wide selection of global markets.

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There are multiple ways to access our liquidity:

Institutional trading accounts

Take positions or hedge risk with an institutional trading account. Our trading account offers deep liquidity and tight spreads on thousands of global markets. Open account

API connection

Connect our pricing with your algos or third-party platform through our FIX and Java APIs.

MT4 bridge

Our liquidity is ready to plug and play with major MT4 bridge providers, so you can easily expand your selection of CFDs to your MT4 customers.

Why choose GAIN Capital as your liquidity provider?

As one of the largest retail broker market makers in the world, we have spent over a decade building a deep liquidity network and investing in our pricing technology. This means we can offer you ultra-competitive pricing and great execution on a wide selection of markets.

Tight spreads

We offer institutions competitive spreads, enabling you to maximize your potential profits.

Out-of-hours trading

We provide "out-of-hours trading" for many markets, so you can trade even when the underlying markets are closed.

A wide range of order types

OCOs, if-dones and trailing stops are available. Please note, placing contingent orders may not limit your losses.

Receive price improvement

Trade at the price you see, or a better one if the market moves in your favor.

Competitive margins

We provide customisable margins, so you can adjust the leverage that you require up to the amount permitted by local regulation.

Real-time back office

We provide a transparent, real-time view and audit trail of all your trading activity, plus the ability to pull reports on-demand.

*Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are not available to US residents.

Access the world's largest futures exchanges

Whether you are looking to trade commodities on the CME, or indices on ICE, GAIN Capital provides direct market access and clearing on over 30 of the world's leading futures exchanges through one account.

Our trading platform and proprietary order-routing technology can route and clear your trades through any clearer, ideal for professional futures traders and institutions including CTAs, hedge funds, FCMs, proprietary trading groups and high-volume traders.


Trade in the following way:

Powerful GUI

Our simple-to-use, yet-powerful platform is designed to handle all the complexities of professional trading and order management.

Open API

Our proprietary and standard open FIX APIs allow you to connect and execute trades from any custom or third-party applications through one connection.

Third-party applications

We offer a range of trading, strategy and charting applications that integrate with our platform to help you analyze the markets effectively and trade.

Why choose GAIN Capital for futures trading?

Customizable trading strategies

Execute a straddle, strangle, butterfly or condor using our platform's intuitive option chains and spreading capabilities.

Automate your risk management

Our rule-based execution and automated alerts can help protect your capital if the market moves against you.

Manage your account & trading online

View statements, manage personal information and pull reports on-demand using our partner portal.

Multiple order ticket choices

We provide multiple order tickets including depth of market (DOM), best bid and offer (BBO), rapid, turbo, order staging module (OSM), multi–bracket and basket orders.

Multi-clearer flexibility

Route trades to any clearer in real time throughout the trading day.

24/5 trading support

GAIN Capital offers 24/5 support during market hours across global exchanges.

Optimize your FX execution with GTX

GTX is an institutional ECN venue for trading FX and precious metals, suitable for banks, brokers, hedge funds, CTAs and professional traders.

GTX's central clearing model allows your orders to interact with liquidity provided by a diverse mix of banks, hedge funds, retail brokers and traders on the ECN, resulting in deep order book and tight institutional spreads.

Tailored liquidity for you

We proactively match our buyers' and sellers' trading styles in order to provide GTX participants with the highest possible quality of liquidity, spreads and execution.

GTX can be accessed directly with your prime broker, or through our prime of prime solution, GTX Direct.

Every business is unique and requires a tailor-made approach. Contact our GTX team for a demo and a free consultation.

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GTX at a glance

  • Electronic trading on 70+ spot FX and precious metals

  • Voice trading on spot FX, forwards, swaps, options and NDFs

  • Tight institutional spreads

  • Diverse multi-source liquidity from 50+ LPs

  • Proactive liquidity management

  • Retain complete anonymity

  • Pure agency execution

  • Execution via trading platform, API & agency desk

  • Access with or without a prime broker

  • Distribute tailored pricing with GTX white label

The GTX liquidity difference

GTX allows your orders to interact with a diverse mix of participants, resulting in deep, unique and varied liquidity. GTX proactively reviews our liquidity providers to deliver the best possible spreads and liquidity to our customers.

Deep and unique ECN liquidity

Liquidity is provided by a diverse set of participants including banks, hedge funds and retail brokers, enhancing liquidity throughout the order book.

Pro-active liquidity management

The GTX liquidity management team proactively reviews liquidity providers to optimize the quality of pricing you receive and enhance execution.

No liquidity from other ECNs and aggregators

This prevents the same prices from simultaneously being shown in multiple venues that may be untradeable.

Create top-of-book pricing

Post your own bids and offers anywhere in the order book for all participants to trade on.

Receive price improvement

GTX is a fully transparent ECN that passes price improvement on to our customers.

Improve your fill rates

With tailored liquidity to suit your trading style, you are more likely to achieve a full fill and fewer rejections.

There are multiple ways to access GTX:

Trading platform

GTX's highly customizable GUI provides advanced order capabilities such as basket and iceberg orders, along with TWAP trading strategies, giving you the flexibility to execute large trades anonymously.

API trading

Connect to our anonymous, ultra-low latency trading environment with a FIX or Java API. GTX is also compatible with select MT4 bridge providers.

Professional agency desk

The GTX agency desk is available 24/5 to facilitate the execution of complex trading strategies and provide unique market insights.

More GTX benefits:

Distribute tailored liquidity to your customers with GTX white label

With GTX white label, distribute tailored liquidity to your customers and internal desks with your own private label ECN.

Utilize your credit more effectively through central clearing

GTX's real-time credit engine and centrally cleared model gives you the flexibility to select which of your prime brokers you use pre or post-trade, so you can utilize your credit more effectively.

Access GTX without a prime broker

Access GTX without a prime broker, with our prime of prime solution, GTX Direct.**.

Transparency and trust

GTX is a fully independent ECN run by FX professionals and a subsidiary of a global, NYSE-listed company.

**GTX Direct counterparty varies by region. In the EU your counterparty will be GAIN UK Limited. In Singapore, your counterparty will be GFT Global Markets Asia Pte Ltd.