GAIN offers an anonymous trading desk service to provide market color and help you get the best possible execution on large or complex transactions

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Deal directly with our trading desk

GAIN Capital offers a voice execution service with our 24-hour trading desk, taking orders and dealing directly over the phone. Our trading desk can execute trades for our full breadth of products and markets* offered online including CFDs, FX, options, spread bets, futures, options and many more offline.

Sales trading service

GAIN Capital also offers a confidential and exclusive sales trading service to high-net-worth individuals and institutions requiring an anonymous and bespoke service, provided by experienced market professionals:

  • Anonymous execution in the market on thousands of markets

  • 24-hour access to our sales trading team to discuss ideas and market opportunities

  • Our team can work orders and execute large, complex transactions on your behalf to achieve the best execution possible

  • Specialist options desk provides thousands of options markets not available online along with strategy trading

  • Our experienced team is fluent in multiple languages

Deal directly with our trading desk

ECN FX voice broking

We provide a confidential, 24-hour agency desk that sources the best possible liquidity and execution for our customers on a full range of FX products including spot FX, forwards, swaps, NDFs and FX options.

  • The agency desk offers tailored order management and can advise you how to execute complex orders

  • Receive focused market coverage, news and market alerts to keep you up to date with changing market conditions

  • Combine confidential and personalized voice execution with the ease of automated trade processing

ECN FX voice broking